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Busy, Busy Month

We all know how busy November and December can be. This month for me is no different. Besides having hand surgery on Monday, which has slowed down my typing, I'm finishing up work on "The

Adventures of Peanut and Casey," the sequel to Uncle Bill's Farm, which came out three years ago. I'll be blogging more about that when the release day comes closer.

The surgery has put me a bit behind on "Love With a Side of Crazy, too. I'll have some catching up to do when I can type away again.

Today through November 20th, you can pick up Sizzle in the Snow a Christmas anthology by

my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, released two years ago. My short, humorous story, Operation Santa, is part of this anthology. Use the following link.…/…/B0186SCT74


Also, my next book, Missing My Heart, A Chandler County Novel, is set to be released one week from today. I'm not sure how having a book released on Thanksgiving Day will work out for me, but I'm hopeful people will be looking for Christmas presents. Get a copy at:

I have a Thunderclap campaign running to help promote the book, so if you're inclined, I would appreciate any help.

My family will all be here for Thanksgiving dinner, but with my surgery, I'm going to be limited to what I can cook. The grands are getting older, so they can help. My daughter and daughter-in-law will have to take over, not to mention the guys lending a hand. I may just sit back with a glass of wine and watch them all work. Sounds good to me.

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