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Rone Award Nominee

Since I last blogged (way, way too long ago. I think someone needs to kick me in the you-know-where to get me to do this more often) I've had two books and one anthology released. (You'd think that would get me to blog, wouldn't you?)

The first book was released in February, 2019. "Surprise, Surprise," was written under my pen name, Anita Kidesu. "The Balcony Girl," the first book in my new series, "The Darlings of Deadwood," was released in November of 2019. I also had a short story in "Missing Destiny," an anthology with a military theme. All funds go to helping disabled veterans. I also did a third edition for a military book I helped a friend write, "Turret Tales."

"The Balcony Girl" has received many wonderful reviews, including a five star, plus a crowned heart for excellence from Ind'tale Magazine. This qualifies me for the RONE

award. Rone stands for Reward of Novel Excellence. Voting for my category, Historical, is this week through May 3rd. If I make it as a finalist, then the book goes on to be read by industry leaders. I would love to have your vote. Here is the link:

I'm also part of another Deadwood anthology. My story, "Saving Ellis," is a time travel that includes characters from both "The Balcony Girl" and the next Darlings of Deadwood, "The School Marm." "Getting Wild in Deadwood," will only be available in paperback.

Order your signed copy here:

You receive over 500 print pages for only $20.00 plus shipping, and we’ll ship it straight to your door! Limited copies may be available at the event, but no guarantees, so grab your copy now.

BONUS!!! This paperback will include a full color cover insert, which will be signed by all participating authors.

I will be starting up my radio show again. Due to some health issues, (shoulder surgery and a cough that lasted way too long) I had to put the show on hiatus. Within the next week or so, I will once again be interviewing authors of all genres, but this time, under a new name, "Cover to Cover with Tina." I'm excited to get back on the air and learn more about authors and what they write.

So, until the next time, (and it had better not be so long), stay healthy. Don't cut your hair. (My neighbor cut ten inches off her hair - herself!!) Eat right, Exercise. Love your family. And most of all - READ ON MY LOVELIES!!

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