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Living Through Post-Surgery

Hello. I know, I know - it's been a long, long time since I've blogged. To be honest, since July 22nd, 2018. so many things have happened since then, and I want to catch up.

After my last blog, my husband, Al and I went to Alaska for three weeks. It was our second time there. We had a wonderful time and saw parts of the state we hadn't seen the first time. I will write about that in a separate blog.

Stepping our toes in the Arctic Ocean

One of the exciting things that happened in the past few months was that one of my books, Love With a Side of Crazy was nominated for Book of the Year in Romance with Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. On December 19th, I found out I won!!! I was excited, honored, and blown away.

Before going to Alaska, the knee that I'd had surgery on last February, was getting worse and worse, but I was still able to go bike riding. Hiking in Alaska was at times painful, but I trudged through. Shortly after returning, I went on a bike ride, which caused so much pain, I knew it was time to get my life back. So, on November 20th, I had knee replacement surgery.

The surgery went well, but what I didn't expect was how recovery would take over my life. The exercises were painful, took a long time, and had to be done several times a day. Afterward, I had to ice. As soon as we applied the ice packs, my sweet husband present me with a small bowl of M&Ms, one of my favorite treats. Call it a bribe or call it a reward. Whatever it was, it worked. The problem was, I didn't get hooked on the pain meds (we were very careful about that), but on the M&Ms. Since I no longer need them as a reward/bribe, I had to wean myself off them. I believe I had my last ones sometime last week. I still crave them, but I'm strong willed.

One of the things that might be an issue with the surgery was having to read through the final galley of my book written as my pen name, Anita Kidesu, Surprise, Surprise. A week after surgery, and still under the influence of drugs, I received the final galley. I sat in my recliner, covered in blankets, leg propped up on pillows trying to read through it. I'm not sure how many times I fell asleep during the process, but it was more than once, or twice, or . . . Hopefully, I found any errors there may have been.

Surprise, Surprise will be released on February 11th. It's up for pre-sale until then.


Before the surgery, I made a list of things I wanted to do while laid up. Surprise, surprise to me - I had no desire to do any of them. I didn't write, didn't learn Scrivener, didn't work on my press kit page on my website, pretty much didn't do anything but watch television. I finally decided that my job during recovery, was to recover. I was getting worried I'd never get the desire back to write, but I'm FINALLY back to writing Balcony Girl, an historical western set in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Now that I'm back on track, my plan is to blog more often, but then, I always say that.

Until the next time, Read On My Lovelies.

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