Savings Ellis
A trip to Deadwood, South Dakota turns out to be a longer journey than Colleen Wenzel and her fiancé, Isaac Swearengin could ever imagine. After touching an old photo, they are magically transported back in time to 1883 Deadwood. Will going into the past save their future?
The School Marm
Can a school marm with dreams of a better life, fall for a disreputable man?

Suzanna Lindstrom travels as a school marm in fledgling Deadood. Having left her parents’ struggling farm, she dreams of a better life in Deadwood with a man who’s struck it rich in the gold fields. Fresh off the stagecoach, she meets Kingston Winson, whom she disregards as disreputable. Is he who she thinks he is? What lesson will she learn?
The Balcony Girl
Can a secret tear them apart or bring them together?
Destiny Whispers
A collection of short love stories to warm the heart. Compiled by four authors, all proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to a charity which supports homeless veterans.
Surprise, Surprise
Identical twins Jon and Matt Sandberg have each met the woman of their dreams—Jon while signing up for a cruise; Matt at a book convention. But when they discover they've actually fallen for the same mysterious woman, neither wants to let her go.
Missing Innocence eBook
When Sally's life becomes endangered with the arrival of unusual packages to her greenhouse, can the mysterious Nathan Moon help her, or is he the one she needs to run from?
Wild Deadwood Tales
Romance and rodeos, Old West adventure, even a few ghostly tales.

Deadwood's wild past and exciting present come alive in Wild Deadwood Tales, a limited edition collection of 17 original short stories written by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors: E.E. Burke, A.C. Wilson, Amanda McIntyre, Angi Morgan, Ginger Ring, Jacqui Nelson, Lizbeth Selvig, Maggie Ryan, Megan Kelly, Nancy Naigle, Paty Jager, Peggy McKenzie, Sylvia McDaniel, Teresa Keefer, Terri Osburn, Tina Susedik, Zoe Blake.

Love With A Side Of Crazy
An accountant by day, stripper by night. A sexy physical therapist. A crazed stalker. Will anyone survive?

To afford sending extra money to his parents to help with the care of his invalid brother, Brent Hopkins, an accountant by day, works as a male stripper at night. When a crazed fan pulls him from the stage, his injuries send him for an extended stay at a rehabilitation center. During his months at the center, mysterious angel statues and other gifts begin to appear in his room. A break-in
Missing My Heart
Ellie Farrell’s grandmother passed away, leaving Ellie to manage her estate. Finding hidden envelopes filled with money and love notes from someone Ellie has never heard of kindles the detective in her.

Vietnam veteran, Patton Trullinger, is an investigative reporter researching bootleggers in Bourbonville, Kentucky. When he meets Ellie, their lives not only become mired in danger, but their attraction may just get them killed.
A Photograph Of Love
Can Trudy convince him to follow his dream while finding their own photograph of love?
The Trail To Love
Never With A Rich Man
Can they work through their preconceived notions and find true love?
Riding For Love
Can he convince her that his love is real and he is not behind the mystery surrounding the ranch?
Double the Surprise
Writing as Anita Kidesu
Surprise Me and Surprise Me Again - Together in paperback.
Surprise Me Again
Writing as Anita Kidesu
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