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New Release!! "Love With a Side of Crazy"

An accountant by day, stripper by night. A sexy physical therapist. A crazed stalker. Will anyone survive?

Even though my newest release, Love With a Side of Crazy surprisingly went live last night, today is the official release day. So, this is the day I'm going to celebrate. Happy Book Birthday to me.

This is my second book with Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah! Kindle World. My first book A Photograph of Love, introduced the Phister siblings, Lincoln, Cooper, Jade, and Marie. They are friends with the McCoy's from Sable's original Hell Yeah! books. Lincoln was the main character in this book.

Love With a Side of Crazy features the youngest Phister sibling, Marie. I'm not sure why I chose her instead of Cooper or Jade. Actually, I think she chose me. Evidently she was ready to have her story told. Right now, her sister, Jade is talking with me (if you're not an author, I know that sounds rather creepy), so I think he story will be next. Cooper has been quite silent. Maybe he'll let me know what he wants while I'm working on Jade's story.

Anyway, Marie is a physical therapist who has moved back to her hometown. On her last night with her college friends, they go to a male dance revue. Little did she know how the dancer falling from the stage would affect her life.

Brent Hopkins is an accountant and everyone know (or thinks they know) how staid they can be. Little do his family and friends know that he is an accountant by day, a male dancer by night. When a stalker pulls him from the stage, his life is changed forever.

I have fun writing this book. It's the first time I've used a stalker. Who is she? What does she want? Will she get what she wants? The only way to find out is to read it for yourself.


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