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The Trail to Love Wins an Award

You know how some days start out ordinary, nothing new, nothing different? That's how my day started. I went to my daughter's to stay with my grands until I had to get them to school. I came home, ate breakfast, made my bed - yeah - yawn. I'd planned on working on my next book, "Love With a Side of Crazy all day. Then I opened my emails, my world rocked.

A few months ago I had entered "The Trail to Love" in the IDA (International Digital Awards) contest. It's sponsored by the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America. I had pretty much forgotten about it, until this morning. Here's the email that greeted me:

" Hello…I am writing to inform you that The Trail to Love, has placed FIRST in the Historical Novel category of the 2017 IDA Contest. Congratulations! The IDA is a competitive contest, and winning first in your category, or tying for first, is a major accomplishment. With your win, you will receive an engraved paperweight, inclusion in a special video trailer for the first place winners, and multiple Facebook posts and tweets."

I was so excited, I thought I was having a heart attack. When I called my husband, I could hardly talk. I was in tears. He thought something was wrong. Nope. Then I called my PA, Tessa, at Poised Pen Productions. She was as excited as I was. Next I called my editor, Char Chaffin, who with

Cheryl Yeko invited me to be part of The Soul Mate Tree Collection. Am I glad they did. Shortly after I had to drive to the chiropractor. I'm not even sure how I got there. Once home, I can't even remember who I called after that, but I've spent a lot of time on the phone.

Have I written anything on "Love With a Side of Crazy" today? Have I even opened the file? Could I tell you who my characters are?

Nope. I've spent the entire day promoting, laughing, giggling, and being a bit crazy. Anyway, I believe my cat thinks I am.

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